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Haavard Holmaas is a human being from the west coast of Norway. His works range from pencil drawing and writing to art direction and brand development. He is the founder of Of and With Studios and the Ætt brand.

Holmaas believes in the power of sincerity and hard-earned skills. He also likes birds, and stacked objects in any form.

There was nothing about the warm breeze this gentle July morning that spoke of the piece of history about to conclude inside the walls of Borge Tannery. Beautifully situated in a still corner of majestic Osterfjord, Norway since 1889, the world-renowned tannery had been forced out of business just a couple of weeks earlier. In midst of what for most people would have been one of the most distressful situations of their life, stood tanner Erling Teigland (60). Smiling. Ever since he was a teenager, Erling had spent his days by the river in Lonevaag. Now, fourty years later, a lifelong effort in service of quality and craftsmanship was about to come to an end. Yet, Erling smiled – and rather than dwelling on what was no more, instead spoke vividly of his appreciation for the true finer things in life. To know a craft with his hands, to be at home in nature itself – and the precious gift of seeing the sun rise every morning. Less than six months after the encounter at Borge, Erling passed away. To honor Erling and his rare spirit of appreciation and humility, Haavard Holmaas and friends launched the Erling Bag collection together with three short interview films featuring Erling. The collection quickly sold out following its release, gathering international attention from a range of media outlets including Monocle, Channel4, Highsnobiety, Another Something & Company and D2.

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The launch of the Erling bag marked the beginning of Ætt – a high-end clothing brand platform, dedicated to honoring stories and traditions of craftsmanship and resilience. Initiated by Haavard Holmaas / Of and With Studios. Developed in close collaboration with Contractor 48.


Haavard Holmaas is currently based in New York, to help develop cult footwear brand FEIT as the brand’s Art Director.

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