Attum er eit kreativt studio stifta i 2020 av Haavard Holmaas og Mads John Thomseth. Studioet tilbyr heilskapeleg merkevareleiing og kreativt leiarskap på tvers av designfelta rom, objekt og grafiske uttrykk.

Brand Identity
Brand Concept
Brand Logotype

Carried out 2019 – 2020

In collaboration with Mads John Thomseth

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Attum logotype

Attum is a creative studio founded 2020 by Haavard Holmaas and Mads John Thomseth. The studio offers holistic and experiental creative direction across spatial and graphic art.

Original brush artwork.
Vertical logotype.

The hand drawn logotype comes in two variations, for vertical and horizontal purposes, supported by a nondescript sans serif typeface.

Den handteikna logoen kjem i to utgåver, for vertikal og horisontal bruk. Identiteten er støtta av ein anonym sans serif font.

Website draft.
Painted artwork.
Letter “A” Explorations using the ink brush and pen. I am not a typographer – I fall into the trap of wanting type to be illustrative, free, and struggle to restrain myself with the functional aspects of typography. To draw the Attum logotype was very liberating, as it allowed for me to combine the two.
One of the best things about the wordmark “Attum” is that it is completely symmetrical when vertical. It also features most of my favorite letters, A and M specifically.
When working on the logotype, I found a lot of inspiration in randomly formed brushwork and grafitti. There is such strong energy in the immediate expression of these, an energy I feel often gets lost in digital type.