Eit samarbeids-prosjekt mellom dei to New York-baserte merkevarene FEIT og BDDW, begge kompromisslause i sin filosofi om å tilby handlaga sko og møblar. Prosjektet tok form som ein kreativ dialog mellom stiftarane Tull Price og Tyler Hays.

Brand campaign
Creative direction
Catalog design

Carried out 2018

Client work for FEIT
Collaboration with BDDW
Photographs by Ben Pogue

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Guardian Dialogues

An exchange of creative expertise between two uncompromisingly hand made New York brands, footwear and furniture specialists FEIT and BDDW and their respective guardians, founders Tull Price and Tyler Hays. A collection of 60 pairs, hand sewn, hand painted and hand dyed.

The collection catalog, coming with each box of shoes.
Campaign imagery featuring uppers from the collection.
Wooden shoe box by BDDW.

The BDDW project was the second of FEIT’s Guardian Dialogues, following on the heels of two seasons of footwear for British design house TOOGOOD. The projects would not be «collaborations» in the traditional sense, but a series of creative dialogues in which collaborative partners were invited to apply their foremost expertise to FEIT stores or footwear.

Samarbeidet med BDDW var den andre i serien såkalla Guardian Dialogues, etter to sesongar med samarbeidskolleksjonar med britiske TOOGOOD. Samarbeida tok form som reine kompetansebytte, der samarbeidspartnerane vart inviterte til å applisera sin unike signatur og styrke på FEIT sine flater.

Footage from BDDW studios in Philadelphia showing the hand paiting and hand dyeing process.
Spread from the collaboration catalog, blending process imagery with studio shots of shoes and uppers.

For samarbeidet med BDDW fekk BDDW frie tøylar til å handprega og handmala ein kolleksjon på 60 par, som vart seld utelukkande i merkevarene sine to butikkar i New York, i tillegg til gjennom FEIT si nettside. Kvart par vart seld i ein handlaga treboks saman med ein katalogpresentasjon av samarbeidet.

For the BDDW project, a collection of 60 pairs of hand lasted, hand sewn, hand painted and hand embossed pairs were released on Feb 1, 2018, sold exclusively through the BDDW and FEIT flagship stores as well as online at feitdirect.com. Each pair came in a wooden box, accompanied by a collectors’ edition catalog.

Shoes, box and catalog on display at BDDW in Crosby St.
The project garnered attention from a range of design related media outlets including T Magazine [The New York Times], Architectural Digest, Surface Magazine, Financial Times How To Spend It,Vogue Living, Hole & Corner and Esquire magazine.
Setting up window installation at 2 Prince St., New York, the Soho flagship of FEIT.
Brand campaign collateral arrived at BDDW in Crosby St, a few blocks from the FEIT store.