Hand Sewing Tour hadde som mål å tydeleggjera dei menneskelege kvalitetane ved skokolleksjonane til FEIT, som alle er sydde for hand. Turnèen starta i 2018 og besøkte fleire storbyar på tvers av Asia, Europa og Amerika. For turnèen vart det òg utvikla eit eige grafisk uttrykk.

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Illustration Art installation

Carried out 2018 – 2020


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Hand Sewing Tour

Aiming to clearly establish the hand made, distinctively human quality of all footwear styles, the Hand Sewing Tour launched in 2018 across a range of cities in Asia, Europe and America together with a distinct graphic expression.

Master Craftsman Rock at work during the tour stop in Marais, Paris.
Hand Sewing Tour stop at Shengzhou, China. The red ribbons are used at factory level to identify stages of production.
FEIT founder Tull Price with Master Craftsman Rock Yuh at Leto, Tokyo.

The tour was accompanied by its own visual identity, contrasting the minimalist core brand design language while adding a illustrative, human touch.

Turnèen fekk sin eigen visuelle identitet som skapte ein illustrativ og menneskeleg kontrast til det eksisterande, minimalistiske formspråket i merkevara.

Video footage from «Man vs Machine» courtesy of FEIT, with imagery from the Hand Sewing Tour.
Display table at Phaeton, Tokyo featuring components of FEIT footwear in cork and bamboo.

Turnèen stoppa i Europa, Nord-America og Asia, med arrangement i Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shenzhou, Beijing og Tokyo.

The tour made stops in Europa, North America and Asia, visiting cities Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shenzhou, Beijing and Tokyo.

Installation in Shengzou, China featuring staples from the collection shown in different stages of production.
The Hand Sewing Man figure.
From the store Phaeton in Tokyo, Japan. Phaeton has been a loyal carrier of FEIT footwear and was the second of two stops for the Tokyo leg of the Hand Sewing Tour.
Master craftsman Rock’s seat and apron on a sunny morning of the Paris leg of the Hand Sewing Tour in January 2019.
Window announcement of tour stop at Leto in Tokyo, designed by Leto and featuring all aspects of the FEIT narrative: founder Tull Price, one-piece uppers, natural components and hand lasted and hand sewn construction.