Den New York-baserte merkevara FEIT sine showroom er forlenginarg av grunntanken i merket sin filosofi: å stå grunnstøtt i trua på den unike, enkle forteljarkrafta i verktøy, komponentar og materiale brukt i produksjonen av merket sine sko.

Retail experience
Art installation
Table design

Client work for FEIT
Carried out 2019

In collaboration with Mads John Thomseth


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Spaces 2019 – 2020

Relying on the visual and narrative qualities of footwear tools, materials and components, FEIT’s spaces are an extension of the core creative strategy devised for the New York brand.

Bamboo shanks (used as stabilisers inside the shoes) and cobbler tools form the wall installation.
A selection of Hikers and Hand Sewn Lows on display on the layered plywood table, designed in collaboration with Mads John Thomseth.
From In-residence at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

For the brand’s Paris showroom, the strict and repeated composition of the bamboo shanks (used as stabilisers inside the shoes), draws attention to their uniquely individual nature, each varying slightly in size, texture and shape.

Kvar og ein av bambusskafta i installasjonen har sin eigen unike form og tekstur, noko som vert framheva av den strengt iscenesette komposisjonen i merket sitt showroom i Paris.

Venice, Los Angeles.
The Paris showroom hosted the Hand Sewing Tours for a one-night event.
Digital invitation to the showroom.
Table under construction.
Opening night at 11 Rue Debelleyme during the FW19 sales week in Paris in late January. The table is constructed using birch plywood layered together, stacked vertically and horizontally to form the “X” composition.
Street view of Paris showroom in the Marais district, which also hosted a stop of the Hand Sewing Tour.