Eit bevis på at handlaga sko, laga av naturmateriale, berre vert betre med alderen. Dette paret av modellen Hand Sewn High frå 2016 får ein unik karakter etter fire år med dagleg bruk.

FEIT Hand Sewn High
Cuoio leather

Size EUR 43 / 10 US
Worn for 4 years

Photography by Ben Pogue
Courtesy of FEIT


A testament to the quality of hand made footwear and natural materials, this pair of Hand Sewn Highs from 2016 carry four years of daily wear with grace.

> From campaign Sole Studies

Each pair of FEIT shoes comes in a box hand signed by its maker.

Over the last four years I have been involved on a range of projects for New York footwear label FEIT. Throughout these four years, this pair of Hand Sewn Highs have been with me, revealing more each year how beautifully high quality vegetable tanned leathers age. Time has come to pass these on to a new home.

Dei siste fire åra har eg vore involvert i fleire prosjekt med New York-merket FEIT. Gjennom desse fire åra har dette paret med Hand Sewn Highs vore med meg, og for kvart år har dei berre blitt finare.

Each pair of FEIT shoes is hand made from start to finish by one master craftsman. While most Goodyear sewn uses stitching machines, the lasting and sewing of a pair of Hand Sewn Highs involves no machinery at all.
The outer components of a pair of Hand Sewn Highs. The upper of the shoe is constructed using a single piece of leather hand sewn at the heel.
A pair of Hand Sewn Highs on display at FEIT’s Paris Showroom.
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