Haavard Holmaas [f.1982] er ein historieforteljar og kreativ leiar. Han arbeider på tvers av fleire kreative fagfelt, mellom anna med merkestrategi, tekst og reine grafiske arbeid.

Haavard Holmaas [b.1982] is a storyteller and creative director working across brand strategy, art direction and graphic art.
Finding converging principles in spiritual and creative explorations, Holmaas’ work seeks to distill and simplify, allowing true essence to unfold.

IG: @haavardholmaas
E: haavardholmaas@gmail.com

Showreel, New York / Oslo [2020]

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I was recently asked why I work in the field of creative direction. Answering led me to the realisation that my professional pursuits were closely linked to my own spiritual curiosity. It pointed me towards the actual aspiration of both: to come in touch with a core – a deeper layer of truth, whether in materials, stories, people or in life itself.

At the basis of this quest lies the belief that such a core, or source, might exist – that there might be a layer of our existence that is permanent, deeper, and uncluttered by the concepts of time, space and even our intellectual minds. If so, its essence would not be found by searching with the mind, but with a deeper knowing.

As such, good art direction is the daily practise of intuition. There is a saying in Buddhism about living in a directness with reality – knowing true nature:

The mind is like a clear mirror.
At all times we must strive to polish it,
And must not let the dust collect.